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MathLanders A+ 10.12-d  v.1.0

MathLanders A+ is a math practice software for grades 1 to 6 that uses effective motivational methods to determine kids to perform sustained math work for extended periods of time, and become math experts by having fun at the same time.

Classroom Matching Smartboard Games  v.1.0.4

Make your reviewing sessions a blast with a new concept in interactive learning!


ChildCentre  v.12.0

ChildCentre is a parental control software tool that allows parents to control who and when can use their home PC. Thanks to ChildCentre, parents can determine which programs their children can execute, on which days of the week, and for how long.

MultiTab  v.4.0

The program was designed to give to children (of 5 - 8 ages) easier way to know multiplication table very well. Also the program trains children to solve examples of division, addition and subtraction that they have to perform in their minds.

Hekko Kid-Safe Browser  v.1.0.0014

The world wide web might be a little too wide for most kids. The Hekko Kid Safe Web Browser allows your child to surf only the sites that you preselect. It's safe, it's fun, and best of all it's free!

WaterRocketFun  v.3.4

WaterRocketFun is a Water Rocket Simulator for Fun & Science Studies. It help students and rocketeers understand the physics of water rockets and how to optimize their water rocket launches to obtain the highest apogees.

Math Games Multiplication

Memorizing multiplication tables is an essential part of elementary education. A student who has mastered multiplication gains a solid foundation for achievement in mathematics throughout high school and beyond. Math Games Multiplication software

Brain Builder - Math Edition  v.3.0

Brain Builder - Math Edition includes over 500 million problems presented in a fun multimedia format. Sharpen your problem solving and critical thinking skills by tackling math puzzles that are presented at precisely your learning level.

AshSofDev Math Tables  v.

AshSofDev Math Tables is a small program written for my grandaughter to help with her math.

Math Stars Plus 2012r1  v.1

The basic module of Math Stars Plus challenges students to complete all fact groups up to a selectable number.

Bus Driver's Math  v.1.2.2

Check if you are an eligible bus driver by calculating the Bus Driver's Math!

Fun Math Tutor - Kids Special  v.1.0

Fun Math Tutor is a fun educational based game for kids, specifically designed for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad device.

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